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Car Wash Portal serves as a source of information for those of you looking for car wash equipment, car wash supplies, information on starting your own car wash business or franchise, and more. Finding the right equipment for your car wash can be a difficult task, especially for new car wash owners. This site can assist you in your search for supplies and information on car washes.

Car Wash Supplies & Equipment
Locating the car wash equipment and supplies that you need is important for the business to survive. Whether it be car wash hoses, belts, signs, vaccuums, change machines, vending machines, or other car wash supplies, this is where you can find information on car wash equipment and supplies. Visit the link for more information and questions about car wash equipment.

Car Wash Franchises - How To Start a Car Wash
Many people think starting a car wash is quick and easy money. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Depending on your area, a car wash can be a full time job. A car wash business or a car wash franchise should not automatically be discounted as an idea for you, but you must learn how to start a car wash before thinking it's going to be easy. You must learn what it takes to get a car wash loan, car wash equipment, and maintaining the car wash too. Visit the link to learn more about how to start a car wash. is the source for car wash equipment and supplies as well as how to start a car wash business.

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