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Are you looking for car wash equipment, supplies, parts, and accessories? Do you need vaccuums, hoses, change machines, vending machines, or other supplies?

Then Car Wash Portal can help.

There are a number of manufacturers of car wash parts including:

- self service car wash parts - hoses, belts, electronics, guns, vaccuums, cat pumps
- Tunnel Equipment - spot free systems, no touch dry,
- In bay automatic car washes

Some car wash manufacturers include Fuller's, Reiko, and HPWS.

Information and Questions to ask before buying a car wash in regards to car wash equipment:

Before choosing your car wash equipment, you should ask the following questions.
Does the car wash equipment have all stainless steel solenoid valves?
Are the check valves stainless steel? Brass will wash out.
Is the bay equipment (booms, wand holders, meters, etc.) all stainless steel?
Are the fluid tanks made of stainless steel?
Does the 360º boom have a lifetime bearing?
Is there a spring hinge in the boom (to protect boom from damage)?
Does the car wash equipment have an intermittent weep or weep recovery system? A weep system saves 50 - 90% of weep water.
Does the equipment have automatic mixing systems for soap, wax, and other chemicals.
Are there leg and belt adjustment controls?
Is there an oil drain plug for easy pump maintenance?
Does the car wash equipment have a stainless steel mounting plate for pumps & motors?
Is the equipment UL or ETL listed? This is a requirement in most states.
Are you dealing with a company that offers 24-hour shipping and service after you have purchased your car wash equipment? is the source for car wash equipment and supplies as well as how to start a car wash business.

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