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Do you want to start a car wash business? Looking to buy a car wash franchise? It can be very rewarding if you know how to do it the right way.

Before starting a car wash, you must obtain a loan for the building and equipment. There are many costs when you decide to own. A car wash entails the building, automatic bays, self service bays, guns, hoses, belts, vaccuums, and more.

Once you start the car wash, it's far from over:

- You must maintain the car wash every day - empty trash, clean bays, check the changer, inspect for any broken pipes or hoses.
- Get a proper car wash sign to attract attention.
- Know how to react when catastrophe strikes: leaks, bursts, and theft to name a few.

There are many books available on how to start a car wash or buy a franchise. Check out the informative article below, taken from

We will discuss what you need to consider when starting your own car wash. From selecting and buying/leasing land for the car wash to approximating monthly income per bay, you'll find a wealth of helpful information here. First, you need to understand the fundamental types of car wash systems. There are two types of Magic Wand Car Washes to consider.

Self-Serve Units
Self-serve car wash equipment cost is between $8000 - $10,000 per bay
car wash Building costs are approximately $17,000 per bay
Once opened, you can expect immediate cash flow
Approximate monthly income for a car wash is $1200 - $1600 per bay
car wash operating expenses are 17 - 20%, not including debt service

Automatic Units

Magic Wand offers 3 automatic models of car washes(2 frictionless and 1 rollover)
Approximate cost of is $31,000 - $49,500
car wash building costs are approximately $42,000 per bay
Optional features include On-board or Free-standing Oscillating Dryers, Tri-color Foamer, Underneath Spray, Oscillating Side Blasters, Air Assist, and a RO Arch.
Average operating cost per wash is $0.50. Wash prices start at $3.00.
Average car wash takes 73 gallons of water.
Average income for car wash is $3500 - $6000 per month.
Minimum bay size is 16' W x 31' L x 11' H.

What Level of Gross Income Can be Expected from a Car Wash?

This is a very difficult question to answer because income per bay can vary, depending on many factors. Income per bay will usually range from a low of $250 per week to a high of $450 per week. Many operators indicate that they have kept their prices constant while have cut washing time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. Others have increased charges from $1.00 to $2.00 for 4 minutes.

Why is a Car Wash a Good Investment?

The reasons for investing in a car wash are numerous.
Your money is not tied up in inventory
Your car wash business starts earning money from the day it opens
Minimal manpower (only a few hours maintenance per day)
Excellent return on investment for car washes
Operation on strict cash basis (no invoicing, no collecting, and bad debts)

How Do Extra Devices Affect Income?

If you have two vacuums on each island instead of one, you can accommodate twice as many cars, resulting in more income. Also, perfume spray machines and vending devices have proven very profitable, especially when the island is equipped with a canopy.

How Much Business is Needed to Support the Bays?

We generally use the principle of 1 bay per 1,000 area residents for car washes, but in some instances that general yardstick can be unreliable. As self-serve car washes can be located in a variety of areas, a good location is secondary to great service and an excellent price. We find that self-service car washing customers will travel to a good self-serve car wash, and customers loyalty tends to be high. is the source for car wash equipment and supplies as well as how to start a car wash business.

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